Monday Mobile Roundup: Foursquare-INQ, EFF’s Call to Apple & More

Foursquare to Provide Location-Based Layer to INQ — Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowlery announced at the TechCrunch Disrupt that the company would powering the upcoming INQ Android phone with a “social location layer.” With the new Foursquare INQ phone,  all the popular Foursquare features will be directly integrated using Foursquare’s open API.

Google Releases Disco 2.0 — Apparently Google has released version 2.0 of its Disco group messaging app, notes TechCrunch. Though Google has done little to promote it, the new upgrade moves away from SMS and utilizes push notifications in order to receive messages. Additionally, both chat and group management are available within the app.

Mobile Payment Service Offered in UK — The United Kingdom has received its first mobile payments service courtesy of Near Field Communication (NFC). According to BBC Mobile, 50,000 UK stores now have an NFC reader that will allow customers to make purchases, up to £15 (up to £100 can be preloaded), using their NFC-enabled Samsung Tocco Lite device.

Amazon May Launch 10 & 7 Inch Tablets Before Holidays — Based on statements from analyst Tim Bajarin at PC Mag, Amazon is planning to launch a 10-inch and 7-inch LCD tablet, both of which will utilize NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra SoC, before the holidays. The information is based on “sources in Taipei,” and not officially confirmed.

Movie Rentals for Rooted Android Devices Blocked — Google has blocked access to its Android movie rental service for rooted Android devices. The block is due to digital rights management (DRM) and “requirements related to copyright protection.”

Invisible iPhone Prototype — According to a post from Engadget, researchers at the Hasso-Plattner Institute have been working on an interface that translates movements of ones fingers across their palm (like touching a smartphone normally) and translates them into commands to a physical phone. It works utilizing an Xbox Kinect-style camera and transmits data via WiFi radio. A demo video can be found here.

iPhone 5 to Have Curved Display [Rumor] — More rumors are circulation about the iPhone 5, as DigiTimes is reporting that the device will have a curved cover glass. There has been no confirmation on the matter, but Apple has reportedly purchased 200-300 glass cutting machines to be used by glass makers; according to “industry sources.”

AdMob Grows — Google’s acquisition of AdMob is beginning to bear fruit, says Since October, the growth of AdMob advertisements have been 300% with 2.7 billion ad requests per day (globally) in April. This number was 2 billion in January.

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