(Monday) Media Miscellany: 05.23.2005

Your blog wears army boots! Over at TMFTML, Alex Balk and guest-contributor Lindsay Robertson prefer pre-scripted insults to pie-flinging, and have published some choice barbs to fling instead. Our favorite: “Your blog is so ugly Matt Drudge sent you an e-mail offering to help you redesign it ‘so it’s more aesthetically pleasing.'” Read ’em all here, please don’t fling any here.

Katie Couric, watch your legs (and your back): The numbers don’t lie: Good Morning America is steadily gaining on the Today show. Well, the numbers kind of lie because USA Today reported a gap of less than 10,000 viewers but NBC ix-nayed that and said it was more like 50,000 – 70,000. Both sides are digging in to win this (though our bastard nephew TVNewser notes that ABC will feel the lost of fresh Desperate Housewives intel). Tune in and turn on.

So long and thanks for all the Pope jokes! New York Press publisher Chris Rohland resigns effective May 27th. He has no definitive plans as of yet, which means he’s got lots of time to make us a mixtape. Seriously, is anyone ever going to make us a mixtape? [Gawker]