Moms Who Use Twitter Are More Likely to Find Recommendations Authentic (Infographic)

Are brands doing enough to target #MomsOnTwitter? A new infographic from Twitter Ads and Column Five revealed why these social media users are important.

Are brands doing enough to target #MomsOnTwitter? A new infographic from Twitter Ads and Column Five revealed why these social media users are important.

To start, the infographic showed that 77 percent of household purchases are made by moms.

According to the infographic, moms look to social platforms to receive support from family and friends, to find quick answers and deals from brands and to receive product recommendations from bloggers. Overall, 81 percent of moms reportedly consider recommendations from bloggers to be more authentic than recommendations found in magazines.

In terms of Twitter users specifically, moms who use Twitter are reportedly 67 percent more likely to research products on Twitter than women without children. These moms are also 45 percent more likely to make purchases based on Twitter than women without children.

When comparing moms who use Twitter with moms who do not, the infographic showed that moms who use Twitter are three times more likely to be “high spenders of packaged food and household goods,” and are three times more likely “to be early adopters” than moms who don’t use Twitter.

Check out the complete infographic below.

Twitter Ads Moms on Twitter

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