Moms Sick Of ‘Heart-Attack Jobs’

According to a new survey conducted by More magazine, only a quarter of women ages 35-60 are working toward their next promotion, and more than two in five (43 percent) said they’re less ambitious than they were a decade ago.

More editor in chief Lesley Jane Seymour told USA TODAY’s Anita Bruzzese that she hoped the survey is a reflection of the stressful economic climate and not a permanent trend. “We’re bemoaning the lack of women in top Fortune 500 companies or women in political office,” she told Bruzzese.

Yet some women seem to be making the change permanent. Tiffany Willis, sick of working 70-hour weeks, gave up her well-paying corporat. work to be a freelancer with a much smaller paycheck. “I have been referred by people for other (management) positions, and I tell them no amount of money is worth it. I don’t care if they offered me a million dollars…. I had what I called my ‘heart-attack jobs,’ and I strongly believe they took years off my life,” she said.