MommyFriends is MySpace for Moms and Work-at-Home-Moms

There have been a growing number of mothers who prefer to work in the comforts of their home. Not only is this setup beneficial to the family but it has also become a lucrative business and income generating opportunities for busy moms. This has probably prompted the launch of MommyFriends, a social network for Mothers and Mothers who work at home.

Mommy Friends aims to connect Mom’s with other Mom’s for social networking, friendship and even for possible employment purposes. It’s a full-featured with various sub-portals and tools that will surely make our Mommyfriends busy for quite some time.

Technically, MommyFriends looks and feels like MySpace donning a red theme. The site’s layout reminded of MySpace the first I visited the site. But regardless of this, MommyFriends still is a great social networking site with simple design and doesn’t flood you with too much fanfare and colourful stuff that would just tend to confuse you instead of being helpful.

So, what does Mommy Friends offers up for our mommy friends? There’s quite a lot actually. They can:

  • build their own network of moms with similar interests
  • chat with other moms or have an online party
  • create classified ads
  • submit articles for everyone to read
  • create their own event or attend another moms event
  • create moms clubs and invite people, who share their interests
  • advertise business for free (restrictions do apply)

Joining MommyFriends is free and doesn’t take too much of your time. I guess even dad’s can join for as long as they won’t stalk on what their wives are doing at MommyFriends. Hope somebody comes up with DaddyFriends as well.

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