Mommy Power

WaPo’s Leslie Morgan Steiner, the editor of Mommy Wars, has tapped a nerve in the D.C. blogosphere with her daily blog On Balance.

When the column hits the Internet each weekday (usually around 7-ish in the morning), area mothers are at the keyboard, ready to start commenting on both her column and the comments of others. It’s not uncommon for Steiner to get close to 300 comments a day.

The Post has 27 other blogs and a quick review of those reveal that most don’t come close to Steiner’s numbers. Joel Achenbach’s Achenblog sometimes sees over 200 comments a day, but many days his numbers are under that. Recently, Jefferson Morley’s World Opinion Roundup blog has had large numbers of comments (some days over 400 comments), thanks in part to the current Middle East situation. But prior to the Lebanon/Israel conflict, commenters on that blog frequently numbered under 100.