Mommy Bloggers “Particularly Hot Segment” For Sponsored Tweets

IZEA Founder and CEO Ted Murphy spoke to ABC News yesterday about the company’s most popular product, Sponsored Tweets. The name just about says it all. Advertiser’s pay Twitter users to tweet ad messages out to their followers. PRNewser has been covering the market for almost a year.

Asked about which Twitter users are generating the most interest from advertisers, Murphy responded, “Advertisers are absolutely loving moms that are involved in social media. There are lot of mommies out there that are finding this extra time that they have at home and they’re getting online and their engaging with the community, so that is a particularly hot segment right now.”

In an interview with PRNewser last week Murphy said…

…he is looking to expand IZEA into photo and video sites as well as mobile and local services. “You’re going to see platforms that address those needs in 2010.”

We also asked him what Twitter thought about companies such as his profiting on the platform. Murphy said, “Our company is promoting the hell out of Twitter. It’s a good thing for Twitter at end of day.”

He admitted that Q4 2009 was “a little rough,” but said so far the company has gotten off to a great start in 2010. Specifically, interest in Sponsored Tweets have exploded faster than he thought.

IZEA is different from competitor because, according to Murphy, “they seem to be focused on celebrities. Our focus has really been on mid-tier and long tail,” although, he added, “IZEA also does work with celebrities.” has famously worked with reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

While founder Derek Rey told PRNewser that the company limits publishers to one sponsored tweet per day, Murphy says IZEA, “leaves it in hands of the tweeter” to decide such things.

Not all organizations are warming up to sponsored content, at least in their editorial feeds. Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer, a women’s blogging community, told PRNewser the organization has a separate Twitter account for “all freebies and giveaways.”

“Everyone who follows at @blogherdeals is getting those messages because they asked for them. We don’t feel it is worth alienating any part of our diverse community to have sponsored messages intermingled,” with editorial content, she said