Meet L.A.’s ‘Well Connected Mom’

San Francisco-area freelance journalist Aaron Crowe delves into the now ubiquitous world of “mommy bloggers,” zeroing in at AOL’s WalletPop on LA parent Lori Cunningham. The mother of a five-year-old boy and seven-year-old girl has found a niche demystifying technology gadgets via her aptly named website

While Cunningham does not partake in product placement fees, the rules of her overall world have recently become more strict. Explains Crowe:

The Federal Trade Commission came out with new rules last year requiring bloggers to disclose if they’re paid or receive free products in exchange for writing about them. Cunningham, for example, always discloses on her blog that the products she gets are free.

Intriguingly, even though it is nearly nine months old, the top article on Cunningham’s site remains her look at the Blackberry Visor Mounted Speakerphone, which she and her husband turned to after becoming frustrated with Bluetooth devices.