Momentum Carries Forward the Apps on This Week’s List of Facebook Gainers by MAU

Non-game apps represent 14 of the 20 spots on this week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook apps by monthly active users, an unusually high number for a list that is usually dominated by games. Few of the names will be unfamiliar to regular readers:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1.Original Phrases43,450,986+4,895,619+13%
2.App_2_51254684277_9914 Friend Facts™10,341,332+2,897,819+39%
3.Original Causes26,710,879+1,752,904+7%
4.App_2_116318625062183_2941 SmileyCentral3,197,495+1,483,789+87%
5.App_2_135858749758063_4184 ESPNU College Town2,497,395+1,248,151+100%
6.Original Give Hearts13,351,381+1,226,038+10%
7.Original Are YOU Interested?12,837,649+1,138,934+10%
8.Original BandPage by RootMusic7,050,189+1,024,854+17%
9.App_2_119866041395334_6883 It Girl4,877,026+997,417+26%
10.Original Millionaire City10,848,865+970,004+10%
11.Original iHeart14,029,968+828,356+6%
12.Original Marketplace8,575,352+786,239+10%
13.Original Windows Live Messenger8,490,497+780,854+10%
14.Original Birthday Cards7,062,943+733,278+12%
15.Original Frases Diarias7,910,172+692,936+10%
16.Original Quiz Planet16,483,138+665,185+4%
17.Original xo Hearts xo1,354,784+623,612+85%
18.App_2_129547877091100_7928 Crime City1,050,548+595,369+131%
19.Original Warstorm1,685,638+536,188+47%
20.Original Texas HoldEm Poker36,254,411+524,479+1%

Phrases, at the top of the list once again, has picked up almost 10 million MAU during the course of the month, but half of that number came from the past week alone. If the app were to continue at its current pace for another month, it would surpass FarmVille as Facebook’s largest app by MAU.

Friend Facts™, the latest friend quiz to make it big, is on a growth spree of its own, with 2.9 million new MAU over the week. The longer-running app Causes follows at some distance with 1.7 million new MAU.

SmileyCentral, at number four, is a new app from Mindspark that goes beyond the usual gifting app. This one requires the download of a toolbar, which will seed smiley-faces throughout your Facebook experience.

Every app after SmileyCentral, we’ve seen recently on this list: ESPNU College Town, Give Hearts, Are YOU Interested? and so forth down the list. While many developers have talked about fast-growing apps being automatically disabled, there are over a dozen here that have, apparently, figured out how to work with Facebook.