Moment helps you analyze your mobile usage to quit your phone


If you miss being in the moment because you’re in an app, there’s actually a real app for that. Appropriately called Moment, the iOS app works in the background to monitor how long you’re been using your phone for the day.

Built by Kevin Holesh, the app may surprise you by telling you how long you actually spend on your phone. Hint: according to Holesh, it’s probably twice what you think.

I built Moment to help nudge me in the right direction by automatically tracking my daily iPhone use and giving me a warning when I’m on it for too long. When I first started using Moment, I was spending 75 minutes or more on my phone every single day. I currently have my daily limit set to 40 minutes, so after 40 minutes on my iPhone for the day, I get an annoying buzzer telling me to look away from the glowing box in my hands. That’s a good amount of time for me right now and I’m working on improving that further.

I had a lot of excuses when I first realized my problem. “I need my phone for work,” I’d tell myself, “I’m an iOS developer after all.” I was right: I did need my phone, but only during work hours. “What if some emergency happens” or “what if I get a text” or “it only takes a second to respond to this SnapChat” are all excuses I’ve used to justify bringing my iPhone to bed with me.

Now, I make due with only 40 minutes on my iPhone…

Downloading and installing Moment is simple and doesn’t require much setup. Automatic time-tracking is free. Here is a list of the app’s basic features. Please note that the last two are premium features, which are now set at $1.99.

  • Tracks how much you use your iPhone automatically and track your progress
  • Tracks where you go each day and plots your travels on a map
  • Invisible app. Once you set it up, you never have to open it again
  • Set daily limits on yourself and choose a warning sound when you go over
  • Set up occasional nudges throughout the day and choose a subtle reminder sound

Moment’s creator said he intends to expand the app and add additional features like how often a user checks on his/her phone.  An android app is coming, so if you want to be notified, subscribe on Moment’s webpage.


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