Mollie Chen, Editorial Director of Birchbox, Talks Content Marketing

Mollie-Chen-ArticleBirchbox, the online subscription service that sends its customers a box of beauty and grooming goodies every month, has exploded since its inception four years ago. Subscribers have doubled to more than 800,000 since last year alone and an international expansion is in the works.

Editorial director Mollie Chen understands that the success of the company is due in large part to its smart branding skills. In our latest So What Do You Do column, Chen talks about the company’s vocal community, mobile initiatives and creating content its audience will love:

What goes into creating content that considers all stakeholders: the customer, your brand partners and Birchbox itself?
We think about these things on a monthly basis, but also things are definitely on a daily basis. We start building our video and story lineup. And then on a day-to-day basis we keep a lookout for news, such as Lorde collaborating with MAC on a makeup line — is that something that our customers would love to know about? What’s the Birchbox spin on that? Or we see that a customer tweeted a question about wearing sunscreen in the winter, and we whip up a blog post to answer them. So there’s the lineup that takes a longer view, and then there [are] the day-to-day reactions.

For more from Chen, including why she believes people should think of a brand as a person, read: So What Do You Do, Mollie Chen, Editorial Director at Birchbox?

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