Mollie Chen, Editorial Director of Birchbox, Talks Mobile Content Marketing

The woman behind the Birchbox voice talks content creation and engaging a brand's community.

Birchbox-600Birchbox, the online subscription service that sends you a box of grooming and beauty products every month, has experienced an enormous amount of growth since its inception four years ago.

Editorial director Mollie Chen says that the brand has recently noticed a shift in their users: “We see that a huge percentage of our readers, our customers, are accessing Birchbox from their mobile device or they’re accessing it through our app.” Here, Chen shares how the company plans to use mobile to engage their vocal community:

How do you tailor your content for an audience who’s reading on a smartphone or a tablet? We’re thinking about not just how we want to tailor the messaging, but are there different types of content that we want to be putting on mobile? Are there different ways that people want to both shop and read if they’re not sitting at a desk? In general, with content marketing, I think what is so cool — and I hope we’re working towards it — is what if we looked at and there weren’t separate areas for the shop and for the magazine? What if it all just flowed together? That’s what I think is fascinating.

For more from Chen, including how the company’s customers shape the site’s content, read: So What Do You Do, Mollie Chen, Editorial Director of Birchbox?

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