Moleskine & Evernote Create a Smart Notebook

Moleskine and Evernote have created a new “smart” notebook for writers–a paper notebook designed to interact specifically with the Evernote iOS application. Using your camera phone, the new notebook and the app, you can turn paper notes into an interactive digital record.

SocialTimes has more: “you can take a picture of a page  from your notebook with your phone and upload it into the system, making your doodles more official and much easier to search … In the back of the notebook, there will also be “smart” stickers that you can use to tag your writing. (Who doesn’t love stickers?) Evernote will use the stickers to assign the notes to whichever folders you have designated in your settings.”

Starting on October 1, the pocket size notebook will cost $24.95 and the large size will cost $29.95. You can pre-order a smart notebook at this link. We also discussed the notebook on the Morning Media Menu. Press play below to listen…

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