Mojiva: 1b Mobile Ads Served in 8 Months

A mere eight months after launching, platform provider Mojiva has served up over a billion mobile ads. This, the company claims, makes it one of the fastest-growing mobile ad platforms in industry history.

Mojiva’s Self-Serve Mobile Ad Network uses a three-step approach for creating, managing and tracking mobile ad campaigns, and allows advertisers to create custom landing pages for individual products.

According to Mojiva CEO Dave Gwozdz, mobile advertising is still a “bright spot” for advertisers, even during such a major economic downturn. Gwozdz, who was also a co-founder of DoubleClick, offered this perspective on his new company’s growth, “It took DoubleClick more than two years to reach one billion ads. Our ability to scale from zero to one billion ads in just eight months is proof positive that Mojiva’s mobile advertising platform has simplified the medium.”