Mojaro releases Puzzle Knights on iOS

Image via Mojaro

KnightScape developer Mojaro has announced the launch of its latest game on iOS devices, Puzzle Knights. The game combines match-three puzzles with duels against both friends and strangers online as players attempt to become the strongest knight around.

Puzzle Knights asks players to complete goals on a match-three puzzle board between battles. Completing these goals (like earning a set number of points in a limited number of moves) refreshes the player’s stamina, allowing them to perform more attacks or defensive maneuvers in battle, and this gameplay comes with the standard inclusions for the genre.

Image via Mojaro

Creating a line of four or more matching gems (or creating a “T” or “L” match) creates power-up symbols on the board. These can be activated without losing moves in move-limited levels, and they’ll see whole rows, levels, or varieties of gems being removed from the board at once.

Each time players successfully regenerate their stamina, they can form a battle plan and head into combat against another real world player, as well as their Facebook friends. This plan consists of tapping attack, block or parry in the order you’d like your knight to perform those actions in battle. There’s no way to know what your opponent’s battle plan will be, so the battle portions of Puzzle Knights end up performing more like a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” as shields block damage, and so on.

As players win battles, they’ll earn experience points and coins, unlocking new items for purchase in the store. Better tools and armor pieces will allow gamers to survive against stronger opponents, and the cycle continues on from there. Players can purchase coin packs and these tool items with real money, if they’d rather not take the time to earn them the free way.

Puzzle Knights is now available to download for free on iOS devices. You can follow the game’s growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.