Moe Tkacik is Not a Dude

Ever since she moved to Washington in September, WCP‘s Moe Tkacik has been confused for a man. WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten e-mailed her assuming as much. In common party banter around town, she’s often referred to as “he” until the inevitable correction comes from someone more knowledgeable about the fact that she is a woman.

A quick hop on Google reveals telling things about her gender. She has written an explicit compelling first-person story about tampons. If you haven’t read it, please do, but be forewarned: it’s not for wusses. But if that doesn’t make her gender a dead ringer, she has written (again, a first-person account) of date rape. Read that here.

Tkacik, a slender blond with a feminine voice, has no prominent adam’s apple if that’s what you’re thinking. She thinks it’s funny that people confuse her gender and cracks up but is astounded when informed of it. “Why do people assume I am a dude?” she asks curiously.

Among the reasons: People see her name and assume that her sometimes hardcore  writing style is that of a man.

“That is so funny,” she says, when FishbowlDC tells her for about the seventh time in the past week that someone from the media has assumed she’s male. “Yes I am a chick; I have written fairly extensively about being a chick, too, is one of the weird things,” she says. “Have people heard of Google? When I Googled myself a few months ago “tampon” and “date rape” showed up as related searches.”