MoDo: Will Trade Sex For Stories?

Lloyd Grove reports today that Maureen Dowd was apparently the inspiration for Katie Holmes‘ character–“Washington Probe” reporter Heather Holloway–in the forthcoming (and excellent) movie “Thank You For Smoking” (based on Christopher Buckley’s novel).

In the movie, Holloway sleeps with tobacco lobbyist Nick Naylor–many times–in order to gain more information for her profile of him. Dowd denies the claim, telling Lloyd Grove “It’s well known that I never do that, so that must be the product of Chris’ novelistic imagination.”

In related news, several media types (including Buckley, Christopher Hitchens, Chris & Kathleen Matthews, Anna Quindlen, Chuck Conconi, David Bass, Tammy Haddad, Ann Compton, Mike Allen and Andrew Ferguson, among others) attended a private, “A-List” advanced screening of the movie last night at the Motion Pictures Association on Eye St. and Buckley proudly informed the audience that the controversial deleted sex scene with Katie Holmes would be included in this particular viewing.

After seeing it, let’s just say that we have no idea what Tom Cruise is so upset about: We’ve seen more skin at the Bloomberg after party.

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