Modest Buzz for NewFront Content Based on Social Sharing Data

Some interest in Ricky Gervais, Comedians in Cars, lots more for Arrested Development

Are people buzzing about all those Web video series rolled out during the NewFronts? It's hard to say. The industry is still miles away from a Nielsen-like overnight rating equivalent, despite its digital nature. And tracking buzz for TV shows is an inexact science, so gauging Web shows might as well be alchemy. 

Still, we took a stab at it. Adweek provided Unruly Media with a random sampling of shows either introduced at the NewFronts or recently rolled out by the big Web video players. Here's the list we supplied:

—Ricky Gervais' new YouTube channel

—AOL's Little Women, Big Cars Season 2

The LeBrons Season 2 trailer

—AOL's Fetching

—AOL's Candidly Nicole

—Yahoo's Burning Love Season 3

—Yahoo's The Fuzz

—Blip's Hipsterhood

—Sony/Crackle's Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee

—Univision's Salseras

—Arrested Development Season 4 trailer

A few major caveats: 

1. Unruly tracks video sharing, not reach, views, or the like.

2. Unruly can only track sharing on YouTube and Facebook. It doesn't track Web video across the Web. While YouTube does carry some of the content from companies like AOL and Yahoo, it's not necessarily the primary distribution outlet. 

3. Some of these shows haven't officially launched yet, and only clips are available.

4. Arrested Development is not really a Web series per se, but a resurrected cult series.

With all that said, it's clear that fans are a lot more excited about return of the Bluth family than any Web series. Also, Sony's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which is coming back for Season 2, is generating some authentic fan enthusiasm. And people are pumped about the first appearance in several years of The Office's UK boss David Brent. Other shows, not so much.