‘Modernist Cuisine’ $500 Food Encyclopedia Now Available as $80 App

You may know Nathan Myhrvold as former CTO of Microsoft, but did you also know he is the author of the most formidable modern food encyclopedia of our era? Published in 2011, Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking is a massive study in scientific techniques priced at $500 USD. Needless to say, it was very profitable as a book, and now it’s slightly more accessible, but just as challenging as an $80 app.

Unlike the paper version, the interactive app comes with 260 extra recipes, 359 new photos, and 37 new videos. So, even if you own the paper encyclopedia, it’s worth buy, since current owners can get 50% the app’s purchase price.

Taking full advantage of the digital platform, the eBook lets you study a video* of a new or complex technique, quickly change the recipe yield, add items to a grocery list that syncs to your smartphone, and find product and ingredient recommendations with a single tap. Inkling also developed new features for the Modernist Cuisine at Home eBook to make it easy to search recipes by ingredient, tool, and difficulty level.

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