Modernism in the Sun


Back when this writer lived in Phoenix, he made the drive more often that he’d like to talk about out to Los Angeles. Often, either going or coming, he’d stop in Palm Springs for a quick bite or just to get off the freeway for a minute. And in seeing it, the thought was always “I really just don’t get it.” It’s hot, it’s empty, it’s not particularly attractive. But that’s likely because he wasn’t going to the right spots (though the diner he always stopped at was nice and makes a damn fine turkey club). If you happen to be in the area this week, try and catch Modernism Week the city is holding from Monday to Sunday, which includes house tours, a slide show by Charles Phoenix (who we randomly saw twice in our last trip out to LA this winter), and other events. Here’s an intro from the local paper, which says, “Palm Springs is to mid-century modern design what the gargantuan boulder was to Albert Frey’s hillside home,” and here’s the schedule if you can make it. If you do wind up going, drop us a line, eh?