The Modern Mom: Social Media, Avoiding Ads And (Gosh) Bedroom Habits [INFOGRAPHIC]

Moms have long been a key demographic in the social media space for brands and marketers, and one new survey have unveiled some particularly interesting stats about the behaviour of this group in the modern world, notably amongst millennials.

Meredith’s Parents Network‘s Millennial Moms & Media study discovered that digital media plays a much bigger role in the lives of millennial moms than their Gen X counterparts, unveiling the following interesting tidbits:

  • 61 percent of millennial moms take friends recommendations seriously on social networking sites
  • 78 percent use mobile apps
  • 41 percent of moms have sent a “racy photo” of themselves via their mobile phones

Also of note: a large percentage will go out of their way to avoid ads. Check the visual below for all the details, which comes courtesy of AdWeek.

(Source: AdWeek. Mom image via Shutterstock.)

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