Chrissy Teigen Covers a Myriad of Modern Luxury Publications

Photographed by John Russo, the "Uncovered Girl" looks as stunning as ever.

There are seven September “Fall Fashion” issues with supermodel Chrissy Teigen on the cover. In addition to Angeleno magazine, Modern Luxury also has the 29-year-old firecracker adorning the front of their glossy publications serving Miami, Chicago, Orange County, Washington D.C., Chicago and Atlanta.


Per usual, each local editor in chief was given the leeway of opting for an image from the John Russo shoot, styled by James Aguiar, that they felt best reflects the tastes and sensibilities of their luxury consumer enclave. Rather remarkably in this case, every cover is different. The cover shot above will only be seen by Angeleno readers, and so on.

In the accompanying cover story text by Ray Rogers, several of the most colorful passages concern Teigen’s Significant Other. When she first met John Legend backstage at a music video shoot in 2006, he was ironing in his underwear. And more recently, the happy couple will always have tequila-soaked Paris:

The week Teigen and I spoke, she just unleashed a firestorm of bulging eyeballs and wagging tongues by posting a shot of her husband showing his bare buttocks on Instagram. “We were in Paris, a few drinks in. Tequila and bad judgment were behind it,” she says with a laugh. “I had seen Justin Bieber’s [bare butt] photo earlier and I was like, ‘Oh, it’s a cute ass, whatever.’ And I was still pissed about my nipples.”

Wait, did she just say nipples?…

Teigen also talks about the couple’s recent move from New York to L.A. and her upcoming cookbook, due for release next year. Extra has the exclusive video-reveal of the Teigen Modern Luxury cover on tonight’s show.