Model Moves to CSS, Men Swoon


Proven by phenomenon like that Lonelygirl15 thing, men like the pretty girl with the nerd brain. So it’s likely that this will be spreading like wildfire. It’s an interview with Larissa Meek, a former Miss USA contestant who is now a designer and web developer. Interesting interview though, not just for the weird combinations — especially when she moves back and forth between talking about her stints modeling and bad reality television and being the senior designer at a web firm.

The year was 2001. I was 22 years old. A month before I had bombed my top 5 question at Miss USA then became a recently laid-off 3D animator. I felt lost. I needed to work and there was very little opportunity for 3D animation in St. Louis, so I turned to the web as a way to promote my artwork and modeling portfolio.

I studied 3D animation in school so the familiarity of timelines and motion made Macromedia Flash an easy transition. Thanks to hundreds of books, great resources on the web and a passion for visual stuff I learned web design on my own. Today my focus is on css/xhtml based sites.