Model Maggie Rizer’s AIDS Film Shuts Down/Can Step-Money Kerry Save It?


Model Maggie Rizer’s AIDS documentary is on what could be permanent hiatus, due to a lack of funding. Maggie and Me, co-produced by Alexandra Kerry and Suzanne Engo, was inspired by the death of Rizer’s father, who died of the disease when she was 14. Engo told Page Six:

The project is on hold because we have no funding to go to Africa. I tried for a year, so I’ll accept the failure as a producer, but I’m alone on these things mostly and this effort needs more soldiers and backers.

Theresa Heinz Kerry, Alexandra Kerry’s step-mother, was born in Mozambique, and is estimated to be worth between $750 million and $1.2 billion. Perhaps she could be enlisted in the cause?

(Photo by Steve Mack)