Mod Notebooks: Digital Cloud Service for People Who Like Paper Notebooks

Writers and artists who enjoy paper can now get their handwritten notes, sketches, and doodles sent to the cloud using Mod Notebooks. We can’t say enough about this amazing product. For $25, you get one notebook, digitization, free return shipping, and the app. Draw, write, and scribble to your heart’s content, and then send it back. Mod will then convert all of that into cloud-based data. That means you can access your paper scratches in Mod’s app, Dropbox, OneNote, and Evernote.  With Evernote’s handwriting integration, you can even convert your handwriting to text.

If all of this sounds slightly familiar, it’s because Mod is a former Kickstarter campaign. Back in 2013, the same team released a similar monthly service called Draft, which was voluntarily cancelled after the team decided to make a better product – evidently based on user feedback.  Now, the team is back with funding of their own and three notebook designs that are comparable to Moleskins.

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