Mockumentary Vines Are a Huge Hit With YouTube Viewers

Also newsflash: Godzilla can't be real

If you've seen five Vines, you've probably seen them all. Smosh is back with another round of fake clips that mimic the different styles of videos that can be seen on the Twitter-owned social video platform. From the "what it feels like/what it actually feels like" narrations to creative editing techniques to clever plays on words, Smosh, a YouTube publisher, has all your 6-second needs covered.

Smosh's first fake collection, which was posted in October 2013, has been watched more than 9.2 million times. Already this fake clip roundup is catching on, with 2.6 million views since it was posted on May 16.

Capitalizing on the fact that Godzilla hit theaters last week, Vsauce3 took users through the scientific data behind whether the creature could really exist. The TL;DR (abridged) version? If he had enough people to snack on and lost a ton of weight, we potentially could see the fictitious reptilian monster strolling around the corner. But, he'd probably have to live in the sea. At any rate, the video has been viewed 1.8 million times since it was uploaded on May 15.

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