Mobui Lets Viewers Chat with their TV

They’re everywhere. We all know at least one. People who shout comments at the TV screen as if the characters or commentators can hear them. With a new product from mobile app developer Mobui, they can. Sort of.

Mobui Audience Chat is a group chat product that lets viewers interact with TV shows using their cell phone.

Developed for use by broadcasters and television studios, Mobui Audience Chat makes programs interactive by enabling viewers to post opinions, comments or questions in mobile chat rooms. Broadcasters can even display the chat room postings as the program airs.

The product allows broadcasters to offer a variety of branded chat rooms to match their on-air schedule, host celebrity-moderated chats so the audience can interact with a show’s host on-air and enable viewers to set up their own chat rooms just for their friends. There’s also a “send to a friend” feature so users can invite others to download the app or join a current chat via SMS.