Moblyng’s RPGs Span Facebook, iPhone, Android

mmafiaA few weeks ago, Moblyng released its text-based RPG with gothic appeal, m:Vampire. However, the company has also released two more RPG’s by the names of m:Mafia and Dungeon Quest that are also worth a look. It looks like Moblyng is designing games that have the same game play mechanics, but painting them with different flavors – much like some of the larger developers on the Facebook and MySpace platforms.

In m:Mafia, players join and create a mobster (though the game forces you to use unique names – more on that later), and like in classic mafia titles, you complete jobs, buy equipment, recruit friends for your mob, and compete with others for criminal fame and fortune. As expected, progress is gated through the familiar stat of “stamina” which is used up by performing various actions, and, of course, this can be mitigated through the purchase of premium services via “The Don.”

dungeon questDungeon Quest is, more or less, the same thing, but instead of a gritty, urban environment within the big city, it’s more akin to the fantasy realm as players quest through a world of elves and wizards. Again, the game uses the same quest and social systems, as well as gated limitations (stamina).

Each game is clean and well presented visually for a text based game, so it just depends on what flavor you prefer. However, the real highlight isn’t the games themselves, but the overall connectivity they provide. Like m:Vampires coverage, both are cross-platform. That isn’t to say that they are simply on multiple platforms, but rather that players can interact and challenge each other regardless of which platform the games are on.

Currently, both of these games are available on Facebook, but can also be played on mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android, or Nokia Ovi. In fact, according to the company, these games are actually some of the top RPGs on Android. However, m:Mafia currently has only about 50,000 monthly active users on Facebook, and Dungeon Quest has about 90,000.