Mobisante’s FDA Approved Ultrasound Device for Tablets Means Better Access to Healthcare

The dream of technology is to improve the human condition – which often means better access to health care. With tablets and phones, there are plenty of health care apps, but now we’re also seeing accessories using  mobile devices as a tool for treating patients anywhere, anytime – like this ultrasound system from Mobisante that’s gotten the green light from the FDA.

It’s small and affordable so it’s a perfect tool for rural communities with little or no access to health clinics. The device can travel anywhere doctors go, enabling them to use it like traditional ultrasound machines in hospitals:

“Having a portable ultrasound in a remote setting, where investigations are limited, gives me valuable information that greatly enhances my ability to diagnose and manage my patients.” – Dr. Shelter Lee, Rural and Remote General Practitioner, Locum Tenens.

Here are some very practical applications for the Mobisante:

Primary Care: Abdomen, Aorta, Kidneys, Gallbladder, Thyroid, Soft Tissue, Vascular, Small organs, Implants, Foreign Bodies, Bladder

OB/GYN: Pregnancy confirmation/Dates, Viability, Placenta, Fetal presentation, Ectopic pregnancy, Amniotic Fluid Assessment

Emergency Dept: FAST exam to detect impact of trauma, Vascular, Small organs, Chest, OB/Gyn, Cardiac

Vascular: DVT evaluation, vascular access and line placement, Carotid



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