A BuzzFeed Knock-Off from Down Under

Australian for: We can do listicles too.

The parent company (WLK Holdings) can be traced to sunny, booming Perth.

The primary URL (mobilelikez.com) showcases some millennial-worthy spelling. And the secondary URL (unbelievablebuzz.com), likely one of several, echos a media enterprise that is famously proving out the equation:

Jonah Peretti BEACH HOUSE

We’re guessing many of the folks passing around these sincere forms of BuzzFeed flattery are blissfully unaware of the fact that they didn’t come from BuzzFeed. Regardless, this joint is a Top 10,000 Alexa.com website, thanks to headlines like these (taken from our instant-favorite content category, Beauty; click at your own risk):

10 Reasons Women Shouldn’t Take Steroids

14 of the Hottest Female Animated Characters

15 Famous Women with Big Feet

We’re guessing that middle one is the MobileLikez version of “slow news day.”

Just for the hell of it, we sent an official media request to the Likez lad(s). If we actually get a response, we’ll bank it for year-end inclusion in FishbowlNY’s “12 Companies We Never Expected to Hear Back From.”

[Screen grab via: mobilelikez.com]