Mobile Web Browsing Without Long URLs

Accessing Web sites from your mobile device just became a bit easier thanks to RocketShotz. Designed to get you to Web sites faster, the service eliminates the need to thumb-in long Web site URLs. To get started you have to design a portal page that is customized with the Web sites you regularly want to access. These sites must be mobile-friendly and part of RocketShotz directory. This end of it can be done from a regular computer, saving you time and mobile minutes.

rocketshotzYou may also submit sites to be included; and if you’re a site owner, this could pay off big if you’re an early adopter.

There are, however, a few portions of the RocketShotz page that can’t be customized. This looks to be a way for them to sell sponsored space and serve predetermined content. Other content available from the homepage are “Monkeyshines.” Clicking this button will populate a random group of three links from the RocketShotz database to be displayed on your phone. This is a way to find mobile Web sites that you might not even know exist.

Hundreds of mobile-formatted Web sites are being added each week. The service requires registration but is free to use and contains no software or downloads. It’s also iPhone compatible.

The Atlanta-based company initially set out to bring PC capability to the developer’s cell. Now we all get to benefit from what started out as an internal project.