Mobile Web App Announcements: Nokia-2005, Apple-2007, Nokia-2009, Opera-2010. See a Trend?

Nokia announced an intereseting technique to develop local apps for S60 phones written using HTML, CSS, and Javascript (web technologies) back around 2005. Apple released an app-less iPhone in the summer of 2007 and encouraged developers to build web-based apps that ran in the Safari mobile browser. Palm announced webOS in January 2009 with great fanfare. One of its interesting aspects was that webOS apps could be build using web based technology.

Now, in 2010, Opera seems to think this is an exciting announcement:

Opera Press Release: Widgets go mainstream

Opera Software today announced that Opera Widgets will now be available on nearly any mobile phone. By using the same technology that powers Opera Mini, Opera has re-built its Opera Mobile Widgets experience for the mass market.

So, the combined and considerable brain trusts of Nokia, Apple, and Palm all failed to ignite a rush to mobile web apps (though there are some very interesting ones). Can Opera make difference where Nokia, Apple, and Palm could not?

Via ReadWriteWeb: Opera’s Widgets Become Mobile Apps

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