Mobile Video is Coming. No, Really.

The Los Angeles Times reports that with 89% of U.S. adults signed up for cellphone service, carriers are trying to boost revenue by getting customers to receive more data on their phones—and nothing contains as much data as video.

We’ve gone over the problems with mobile video many times, such as the poor performance (at least with streamed video), the small screens, the difficult user interfaces, and the high costs. But that may change soon, industry executives said in the report; sales of video subscription services jumped to $308 million in the last quarter of 2007 from $112 million a year earlier, according to Nielsen Mobile.

“It will ultimately see pretty good adoption,” said Forrester industry analyst Charles Golvin in the article. “When I go to the supermarket, and sometimes gas stations, there are screens there. We’re Americans—we likes our video.”

The report went on to detail some of the latest buzz, such as the recent carrier pledges to “open” their networks, unlimited data plans, and of course the iPhone, which is the reason given for almost anything these days. (“Global warming? Since the introduction of the iPhone, scientists have determined…”)