Mobile Usage Stats for USA, Europe and Japan [Infographic]

The usage of mobile phones has become ubiquitous in our daily lives. In developed regions every individual has a mobile phone and its penetration is drastically increasing in developing countries. Initially, the size, weight and battery life were the key metrics directing a user to buy a mobile phone. Nowadays, users’ choice is motivated by the number of possibilities the mobile device has to offer. Internet access, social media connectivity, camera, video and music players are some of the very common requirements for today’s user.

Apart from the cool design and ease of use, the Apple iPhone apps have a major contribution in the success of iPhone. The importance of iPhone apps to iPhone are similar to what Facebook apps and games are to the usage and expansion of Facebook. The possibilities to have new functionality have a great influence on the users’ choice and behavior to buy mobile phones.

The following info-graphics offers a pretty cool way to visualize the mobile users’ behavior across the globe. The Japanese mobile users top the list of most connected ones. SMS services are still popular in European regions, However, if one looks at the mobile usage of Japanese users this functionality will be extinct in the near future. Majority of Japanese users use their mobile phones to send emails.

Looking at the social networks used, one has to conclude that Twitter is doing a great job in Japan and Facebook and YouTube need to step up their game in order to conquer the Japanese market.

Source: Metagrafic

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