Mobile Twitter Has Been Updated, And Now It Looks Like An App (And Works Like One Too)

If you’re used to a bit of a plain-Jane Twitter experience when you access on your mobile device, you’re in for a treat: the company has just announced a newer, slicker, more app-like mobile experience for everyone with a smartphone. But if your phone is still displaying the old, don’t bring it in to get someone to take a look at it just yet – the new Twitter for mobile is being rolled out to users over the next few weeks.

As they explain on their blog, Twitter’s new mobile version harnesses HTML5 and other powerful web technologies to really enhance the mobile experience:

“The app is fast – you can quickly scroll through your timeline, move between tabs and compose Tweets. It’s rich – it takes advantage of capabilities that high-end device browsers offer, such as touch gestures and a large screen. And it’s simple – it’s easy-to-use and has the features you’d expect from a Twitter application, including your timeline, @mentions, messages that you can read in conversation view, search, trending topics, lists, and more.”

If you’re an iPhone, iPad or Android user, expect to see the new and much improved web app that is for mobile in the coming weeks.

The new features a totally redesigned interface that looks much simpler and easier to navigate. I particularly love the introduction of buttons for your home timeline, @mentions, direct messages and search at the top of the screen, as this keeps things organized – a feature that the old Twitter for mobile lacked. While I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get the new version on my Android phone just yet, I think it might be a contender for the mobile Twitter app I use second-most (next to HootSuite).

Check out the below screenshots of the new Twitter for mobile in action: