Marketers Can Now Target Twitter Mobile Ads By Device

Twitter has added a new feature to its advertising options, allowing businesses to target their ads to users’ smart phones.

Although this is an incremental step, it’s an important one. Advertisers can now specify whether they want to target users on the iPhones, Blackberries, or computers – perfect for mobile marketing strategies that involve on-the-go messages.

For instance, if Starbucks were to target only smart phone users with their next campaign, they might get more bang for their buck. They might want to offer a 20% off walk-in special, tailored only to users on their smart phones who are currently out and about. This would save them having to spend advertising dollars to get at folks who are stuck behind a desk and have no way of cashing in on the promotion.

Or, an app developer might want to target their 24-hour $0.99 sale to only Twitter users on those devices for which they actually create apps – if they’re not on Android yet, they can simply choose not to advertise to Android users, again saving themselves some money and ensuring that users aren’t seeing Promoted Tweets that are irrelevant to their situation.

More targeted ads on Twitter is an important step for the company to continue to grow its revenue. Twitter doesn’t have the benefit of as robust a social graph as Facebook has, so tailoring their users’ experiences relies more on public information like which device they’re using, the contents of their tweets and who they’re following.

Along with the announcement that advertisers can now target specific devices and platforms, Twitter has also extended their Promoted Tweets to Blackberry devices. Prior to this, Blackberry users hadn’t been seeing any Promoted Tweets in their timelines.

(Target image via Shutterstock)

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