Mobile TV Prime Time is 2PM – Is iPhone App Prime Time 9PM?

During my podcast with FloTV last year, I learned that mobile TV prime time is 2pm.

Podcast 33: FloTV Streaming TV Programs-Jonathan Barzilay, Head of Programming

This week a mobile analytics company claimed that…

iPhone app usage peaks at 9PM on weeknights, study finds (VentureBeat)

My take is that their data is probably skewed due to the kind of apps that imbed Localytics analysis software. The question is what is the category of iPhone apps that their analysis software is typically used in? Localytics’ web site didn’t have a breakdown of these app categories. But, for example, if most of their clients are game developers, iPhone app usage time might be very different than, for example, usage of news apps.

Note to Localytics: If you want to discuss this in a podcast, just let me know. I’m sure a lot of people are interested in this topic.