US Consumed Twice as Much Mobile Data in 2013

As we’re approaching the year’s end, it’s nice to reflect on the big growth of mobile media, whose maturity is ushering in a world of changes for how we consume media. In fact, the growth has been so immense data consumption has nearly doubled in the past year.

According to analysis from wireless carrier consultant, Chetan Sharma, US consumers are using approximately 1.2 gigabytes of data each month compared to 690 megabytes this time period last year. For comparison’s sake, that’s about 1,200 photos each month compared to last year’s 690 a month.

It’s definitely a golden age for mobile devices – the number of mobile subscriptions has grown to be nearly the same number of humans on the planet. All of that means that this holiday season has been a well spring for online shopping:

Mobile is changing every industry but its impact on commerce is particularly notable. In the 2013 holiday season (according to IBM), mobile made 17% of the online sales increasing over 55% from 2012. Tablet users spent $126/order.

One notable difference in the mobile medium seems to be its ease of use – even porn users are more apt to use mobile devices to access adult entertainment. In the US, mobile and tablet users accounted for 62% of the devices used to access Pornhub, a site that garnered 15 billion views this year alone.

While we count down the final days of 2013, we can be very certain that 2014 will bring us more connectivity and more smart devices, and naturally more mobile friendly internet porn.