Mobile Social Network Brightkite Launches Facebook Connect Integration

Mobile social network Brightkite is now one of the 126 websites to have implemented Facebook Connect.  Although Facebook Connect for Brightkite has been available in beta for a few weeks, last night marked the official release.

Connecting your Brightkite account to your Facebook account only takes three simple steps:

  1. On Brightkite, visit the Sharing tab in your Account Settings.
  2. Authorize Facebook by clicking the link.
  3. Choose your Facebook sharing options and click save.

Integrating with Facebook is a great strategy for Brightkite. What it means at a fundamental level is that Brightkite users will be able to share their location with their friends and publish the information as a status message or news feed on Facebook.

It’s also a good step toward attracting new users — not only those that have yet to commit to any mobile social network but also those that are already signed up with competitors. Sites that have recently added Facebook Connect, like Govit, have already discovered that it’s a great way to increase traffic. Brightkite competes with services like Loopt, Whrrl, and MocoSpace – all sites with much higher traffic, according to Quantcast.

Thing are looking good so far — already, one poster on Brightkite’s website has said he might make the switch:

“Now I can stop using Loopt. I had stopped using Brightkite because Loopt already had this…so now maybe I’ll come back.”

With so many social utilities out there, integration is definitely a step in the right direction.

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