62% Of Mobile Users Don’t Want Social Marketing Messages From Brands [STUDY]

Did you know that more than 60 percent of UK smartphone owners use their device to access social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook?

This places social networking at the very top of the mobile space, ahead of games and even listening to music. Typically, users aren’t sat in front of their desks all day, but they do take their phones with them wherever they go. Which, of course, presents a new opportunity for brands to bombard them with advertisements and marketing messages.

So, here’s the billion dollar question: how do consumers feel about that?

As you might imagine, they’re not overwhelmingly ecstatic. The Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Mobile Marketing Council polled 1,200 mobile consumers about their perspectives on social media marketing, and some 35 percent said that they believed that brands should have no mobile social media presence. A further 31 percent said that they actively disliked the idea of communicating with brands via social media.

However, and as always, there’s a blatant disconnect between the things that consumers say and how they actually behave – while only 23 percent of those surveyed said that they were happy to use mobile social media to interact with brands, in reality some 43 percent actively do this.

Brands do need to be mindful about pushing their messages too hard or frequently – 44 percent of users said that marketing on mobile social media was “too invasive”, and almost two-thirds (62 percent) said that they did not enjoy reading updates or comments from brands.

Which, of course, does make you wonder why they Liked or followed that brand in the first place. To support their findings, the DMA have created this infographic, which you can read below.

(Source: DMA. Mobile marketing image via Shutterstock.)