Mobile Search on the Rise

Yahoo_Search.jpgMediaPost reports that mobile search is gaining in popularity both here and in Western Europe, according to a new study from comScore M:Metrics. Some specifics, quoted from the report:

– Mobile search in the U.S. was up 68% in June compared to the year-earlier period and up 38% on average in Europe.

– 9.2% of subscribers overall used mobile search in the U.S. and 5.6% in Europe. (Specifically, the U.K. was tops, with 9.5% using mobile search.)

– Google is the top choice for browser-based searches, with a 60% share of mobile searchers in all countries measured by comScore M:Metrics.

– In the U.S., Google has a 63% share, followed by Yahoo, with 34.6%.

Note that those latter numbers are pretty impressive for Yahoo, which fell below 20% share on the desktop recently; that probably is indicative of Yahoo’s robust suite of mobile apps and carrier deck deals, which the portal began putting in place years ago.