Mobile Posse launches AppEnvoy Rewards for home and lock screen advertising


Mobile Posse has revealed its two new home and lock screen push messaging solutions: AppEnvoy Rewards and AppEnvoy Custom. Both allow publishers to engage with their consumers on the home and lock screens of their devices, with AppEnvoy Rewards introducing an additional revenue stream to those publishers.

The overall AppEnvoy platform focuses on timely and targeted rich-media push messages. Via AppEnvoy Rewards, app publishers will earn payments based on the advertisements included with these home and lock screen messages. There’s no fee to deliver that content to users.

Meanwhile, AppEnvoy Custom is for publishers who wish to send these rich-media messages without advertising, or while integrating their own monetization. AppEnvoy Custom is free for apps with up to 10,000 monthly active users, and is available at a cost for larger apps.

“App publishers are always looking for innovative ways to monetize their apps. For the first time, AppEnvoy Rewards offers a free push messaging solution that actually pays app publishers to grow their user engagement,” said Mobile Posse CEO Jon Jackson. “It gives them the opportunity to bring their apps to the forefront of the mobile experience, enticing more people to engage and creating a new revenue stream.”

Since launch, the AppEnvoy platform has sent over 50 billion home and lock screen messages, which can be based on triggers such as activity and user location. The company’s hefty experience with such push messages ensures consumer satisfaction as Mobile Posse has already determined the best practices for what works, and what doesn’t.

AppEnvoy can be integrated in a mobile app using one line of code. More information about the platform is available on the company’s website.

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