Mobile Missing from Big Game Ads

If anyone would notice the lack of attention paid to mobile consumers by Super Bowl advertisers, it would be an exec at a mobile marketing firm.

Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer of HipCricket, offered up some commentary on how all those companies paying millions of dollars per commercial missed a huge opportunity by largely ignoring mobile marketing.

According to Hasen, NBC and Columbia Records could have (should have) used Bruce Springsteen’s halftime performance to promote his new album and upcoming tour with some sort of text-to-win or other type of mobile opt-in campaign. As it was, only two ads in the first half of the Big Game had mobile tie-ins, both SMS-based calls to action.

Perhaps by next February advertisers will take advantage of all those SMS-hungry viewers watching the most anticipated TV commercials of the year.

[Via Mobile Marketer]

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