Mobile messaging app Pinnatta closes $1.5 million round of funding for platform expansion

Image via Pinnatta
Image via Pinnatta

Mobile messaging platform Pinnatta has announced it has received a new round of Series A funding from Greek venture capital firms Odyssey Venture Partners and PJ Tech Catalyst. The $1.5 million round of funding will see the company continuing to operate its offices in Sunnyvale, California and Athens, Greece.

The Pinnatta platform offers interactive multimedia, as users can send each other interactive messages. In a birthday message, for instance, users may send someone a cake with lit candles that must be blown out using a smartphone’s microphone. Other messages may allow users to swipe their fingers around the screen to unfold papers, like virtual origami, uncovering a personalized message inside.

This new funding will allow Pinnatta to expand its app with a large new content update. The update will launch later this fall, and will offer a redesigned user interface that makes sending messages easier. The updated application will also allow for group messaging. This is in addition to the new message templates that will also be added to the platform ahead of the app’s launch on Windows Phone and iPad later this year.

“Pinnatta offers a really unique and personalized experience combining the amazing technology inside today’s mobile devices with a huge library of high-quality, customizable content,” said George Spanoudakis, co-founder and CEO of Pinnatta, via a company release. “This round of funding allows us to speed up our growth and continue refining the Pinnatta application, which we believe will help define the future of personal communication.”

The Pinnatta platform comes with hundreds of customizable messages for most major occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to major holidays including Christmas and Easter. More generalized messages can be sent as well, wishing users “good morning” or offering a simple “hello.” Pinnatta is available to download on iOS and Android devices for free.

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