Mobile, Intel, ‘Titanic,’ Adele, FC Barcelona, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

Facebook for Every Phone topped our list of growing Facebook pages this week, followed by movies, TV shows, music and sports pages. Pages on our list this week grew from between 306,200 to 2.8 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NameTotal LikesPeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1  Facebook for Ever…83,637,4303,180,055+367,086+2,846,529
2  Titanic22,892,031881,644+91,656+708,414
3  Adele27,669,596705,398+98,336+644,644
4  LMFAO16,697,537775,245+67,903+534,030
5  avast! antivirus1,446,737456,587+33,150+508,753
6  R. Kelly1,413,74811,291+1,519+494,669
7  The Simpsons49,837,267627,957+70,376+477,883
8  Resident Evil 5655,57815,711+177,775+455,448
9  Jeremy Lin954,881552,606+34,979+438,508
10  Bruno Mars22,943,294483,290+58,667+418,369
11  Will Smith30,644,431483,394+56,619+407,946
12  Shrek25,376,860435,245+55,910+392,434
13  Pitbull19,474,502632,015+48,650+366,527
14  Harry Potter45,517,914697,066+54,100+364,686
15  FC Barcelona30,490,6551,112,574+50,679+363,069
16  [V] Music – Chann…592,16811,932+805+357,875
17  Cristiano Ronaldo43,530,7251,065,239+43,141+341,488
18  Intel9,664,877373,855+43,722+329,931
19  Real Madrid C.F.27,754,2472,129,163+41,839+328,538
20  Smiley1,105,766513,346+20,085+306,159

Facebook for Every Phone, the page for Facebook’s feature phone mobile app, grew significantly this week. This week’s growth could be related to the app’s new release of two filters for mobile photos. Intel‘s page grew, likely because of advertising and by fans sharing photos from the page. There also were a few pages, one for an antivirus software and another for an Australian music website, that appeared to grow as a result of page consolidations, after experiencing one-day jumps.

Movie pages were led by “Titanic.” Shrek made the list, as did movie star Will Smith. Music pages included several artists that are touring and posting lots of photos, such as LMFAOPitbull and Adele.

Football (soccer) pages, including FC BarcelonaCristiano Ronaldo, and Real Madrid C.F., have been posting photos and news items resulting in a lot of engagement. The pages also post in multiple languages, enabling more users to engage.