Mobile, Games, Some Aid on This Week’s List of Top Facebook Apps By New Daily Users

It’s once again a big week for games on our list of the top gaining apps by daily active users, taken from AppData. But a mix of utilities and entertainment apps are also bringing in new users; this week, exactly half the list is occupied by a variety of non-game apps.

As always, for our coverage of the games, head over to InsideSocialGames, where we talk over trends in island retreats, pets and more. The rest, starting with top entry Birthday Cards, we chew over below. Here’s the list:
Top Gainers This Week
Name DAU Gain Gain, %
1. Birthday Cards2,287,296+1,020,440+44.61
2. Facebook for iPhone12,820,766+696,701+5.43
3. Zoo World2,109,118+604,447+28.66
4. Happy Island2,688,890+412,644+15.35
5. Café World10,216,904+363,662+3.56
6. PetVille4,579,399+347,112+7.58
7. Chase Community Giving290,167+283,858+97.83
8. Facebook for BlackBerry® smartphones7,747,198+282,145+3.64
9. Entrevista tus Amigos889,950+200,295+22.51
10. iHeart2,526,843+191,869+7.59
11. Texas HoldEm Poker5,555,997+157,423+2.83
12. Mobile6,337,490+156,785+2.47
13. Wild Ones244,020+148,684+60.93
14. Pet Society4,023,533+138,554+3.44
15. Country Life2,388,200+127,931+5.36
16. MindJolt Games2,451,551+123,901+5.05
17. Causes1,296,476+110,664+8.54
18. Give Hearts832,264+107,408+12.91
19. Tiki Farm1,115,421+104,852+9.40
20. Mafia Wars6,068,705+104,711+1.73

RockYou!, the developer of Birthday Cards, is pulling off an interesting trick, and one that we’ve noted before: they’ve directly linked the app to Zoo World, the game that holds the number three spot above, to help the two apps feed off each other. With about 45 million monthly users and almost four and a half million daily users combined, the two are RockYou’s top offerings right now; with the co-distribution scheme, they may also continue to appear high in these weekly lists for some time.

Facebook for iPhone is continuing its own long tenure as a top app, while, somewhat surprisingly, Facebook for BlackBerry headed upward; it gained about 80,000 more daily users this week than last. Taken with Mobile, the three apps are consistently adding well over a million new mobile users to Facebook each week.

Next after a string of four games is Chase Community Giving, which is probably on the list for the same reason as Causes, down at number 17: the humanitarian disaster in Haiti. Actually, it’s somewhat surprising that disaster relief and donation apps didn’t post stronger gains, given the size of the catastrophe.

Even though aid organizations like the Red Cross are not known for their tech savvy, an app like Causes seems like it could have ballooned. It’s not that people aren’t interested in helping; according to Zogby, 64 percent of American adults either have given aid or plan to.

Of course, it may be that Facebook just isn’t the first place people think of when it comes to altruism, and most people know the names of aid organizations whose websites they can visit directly, like this one.