Mobile Game Roundup: Winterstate, Chesster and More

Here's a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.

If you’re looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend, there are plenty of new options available, including Disney Magic Kingdoms from Gameloft and Disney. The game allows users to build their own Disney theme park after Maleficent covers the land in a curse.

In addition, Kiloo launched its newest game this week: Tesla Tubes. The level-based puzzle game challenges players to connect batteries with tubes by drawing lines on the board.

Are you looking for something else to play? Here’s a look at some of the additional games released this week.

Winterstate (Free on iOS) – This real-time strategy game from PlayRaven takes players to a world ruined by a global climate disaster, and challenges them to travel across the U.S. to help survivors and defeat bandits. During combat, players drag their finger on the screen to move their units, which automatically attack nearby enemies. By driving over special points on the battlefield, gamers can charge their vehicles’ special abilities. Players will collect goods over time, and can trade these for currency at the game’s trading posts. Users can spend their money on new vehicles, or upgrades for their vehicles’ weapons.

PAW Patrol Pups Take Flight ($2.99 on iOS) – This educational children’s game from Nickelodeon was designed to help children aged 3-7 in the areas of shape recognition, number recognition and counting and enumeration. The game allows players to fly as six pups in three different locations, and offers 30 levels to complete. Users can earn badges as they complete missions, and can collect pup treats and unlock new flying tricks as they play.

Sky Hop Saga (Free on iOS, Android) – This endless hopping game from ImpactBlue Studios asks players to swipe on the screen to move their character across floating platforms. Players must collect golden puzzle pieces to trigger the appearance of additional land so they can continue playing, but must move quickly, because the tiles players touch will disappear after a short time. Players can collect money as they play, and spend this on new playable characters.

Lineup Puzzle

Lineup Puzzle (Free on iOS) – From WildSnake Software, and designed by Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov, this puzzle game asks players to drag shapes to the game board in order to form complete horizontal or vertical lines, which are removed from the board. When players clear lines, any remaining cubes stay where they are, challenging players to place new symbols in the spaces they have remaining. Games end when players run out of possible moves.

Miss the Moose (Free on iOS) – This endless driving game from Tapinator challenges players to complete as many loops around a circular track as possible while avoiding moose walking across the screen. The car drives around the track automatically, leaving players to tap and hold to speed up, or let go to slow down. The game ends when players hit a moose. Players can unlock new vehicles as they complete games with the required high score for each vehicle.

Chesster ($2.99 on iOS) – This chess-inspired match-three game from Team Chesster and Surprise Attack Games allows players to move three chess pieces per turn, with pieces having movement rules as they would in a game of chess. Players must create groups of three or more matching chess pieces to remove them from the board, and can form combos as pieces fall into the empty spaces left behind after matches are formed. Users will explore a medieval estate as they play, and will face additional puzzles and challenges as they progress.

In addition to these new releases, here are some of the previously released games which have come to new platforms.

Rope Racers from Small Giant Games – Free on Android; previously released on iOS.

Supermarket Mania Journey from G5 Entertainment – Free on Amazon; previously released on iPad.