Mobile Game Roundup: Warriors of Glory, Gravity Switch and More

Here's a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new game to play this weekend? There are plenty of new games for you to try, including Bejeweled Stars from EA and PopCap. The match-three puzzle game allows players to collect stars to form constellations in the night sky.
In addition, Her Interactive released its newest game this week: Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues. The game was designed to teach young players about coding as they help Nancy Drew solve the mystery of a missing tech fair project.
If you’re looking for something else to play, here’s a look at some of the additional games released this week.

Warriors of Glory (Free on iOS, Android) – From Kick9 and Vstar Games Entertainment, this action role-playiong game allows players to become a barbarian, wizard or assassin and defeat enemies in real-time combat. During levels, players use a virtual joystick to move, and can tap on buttons for basic and special attacks. Gamers can collect hero and gear upgrades to make their character stronger over time. In addition to a campaign mode, the game features cooperative and competitive multiplayer game modes, including a two-on-two arena.
Sloomy Screenshots
Sloomy (Free on iOS) – This match-three puzzle game from Pine Entertainment challenges players to collect as many flowers as they can in each 60-second game. Players collect flowers by tapping on groups of three or more touching, matching flowers. As gamers play, large flowers may appear on the screen, which are worth more points when they’re collected. In addition, players can activate a Fever Mode while playing, which doubles the number of points they earn from future matches for a short time.
Who Lurks (Free on iOS, Android) – This party game from Hybrid Humans challenges players to identify the alien disguised as a crew member on their spaceship. At the beginning of each game, the game randomly selects the alien player in the group. This player must work to secretly sabotage the spaceship before it reaches its destination. Meanwhile, the human players must work to prevent their ship from being destroyed. Gameplay is comprised of mini-game rounds. In each round, every user takes a turn playing a mini-game on the same device, and the results of the mini-games determine whether the ship has taken damage. At the end of each round, players can attempt to identify the alien in the group based on their performance during mini-games. In addition to the party game mode, Who Lurks offers a single-player mode, in which the player is the last surviving crew member and must perform missions alone.
Furball Ninja (Free on iOS, Android) – This line-drawing puzzle game from Maoisoft Games asks players to draw lines connecting three or more touching, matching ninja symbols to remove them from the screen. Bombs will also appear on the screen, and they will detonate after 30 seconds, or if they’re touched. Gamers need to clear the ninja symbols underneath bombs to drop the bombs to the bottom of the board and off of the screen. Games end when a bomb explodes.
Gravity Switch (Free on iOS, Android) – This endless survival game from Ketchapp and Monkeyfood Games asks players to help a cube survive by tapping to switch gravity, which allows the cube to avoid obstacles in the path. That is, each time players tap, the cube moves between the ceiling and floor of the game play area, so players must tap at the right time to keep the cube safe. Gamers can collect currency as they play, which can be spent on new playable characters. Users can also watch video ads to receive free currency. Finally, players can complete in-game challenges to unlock new color themes for the game.
In addition to these new releases, here’s a look at some of the previously released games which have come to new platforms.