Mobile Game Roundup: Tropical Wars, Soda World and More

Here's a look at some of the mobile games released this week.

If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play this weekend, you have plenty of new games to try, including Loud on Planet X, a music rhythm game from Pop Sandbox. The game features music from 14 artists, including Tegan and Sara, Chvrches, Lights and more, and challenges players to protect the artists from aliens.

Are you looking for a different game to try? Here’s a look at some of the additional games released this week.

Tropical Wars (Free on iOS, Android) – This base-building combat game from Tilting Point and developer Vertige allows players to lead a koala army in naval battles. Gamers build a base and construct ships using key resources, and during battle, players drag their ships around a grid to attack enemies. The game includes a single-player campaign, as well as player-vs-player battles.

Dream Horse (Free on Android) – This Google Cardboard game from Fourthwall allows users to interact with a magical horse in virtual reality. The horse can be customized, allowing players to select the color of the horse’s fur and mane, or turn it into a unicorn. Users can also feed and clean their horse, and help it exercise. Dream Horse is coming soon to iOS.

Orbit’s Odyssey ($2.99 on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This level-based puzzle game from paperkyte challenges players to help a character named Orbit run across a planet’s surface, collecting coins and gemstones while avoiding enemies. Gamers can travel through portals to avoid enemies, and can earn up to 100 stars in each level. The game features 90 levels to complete and four additional characters to unlock.

The Paranormal Society: Hidden Adventure (Free on iPad) – This hidden object adventure game from G5 Entertainment takes players to London in the 1890s, which has been invaded by ghosts and phantoms. The story follows a young woman on a quest to investigate locations and capture ghosts. The game’s launch version offers more than 300 quests to complete, nine locations to search (each with multiple rooms) and 16 ghosts to defeat.

Battle Ages (Free on iOS, Android) – This base-building combat game from 505 Games allows players to build a base and lead it through six ages in time (with more ages coming). Players can build an army and battle other players across ages, with 22 different units and 15 different spells available. Users can build more than 50 different structures in their base.

Impossible Words (Free on iOS) – This word game from Games4Gooey challenges players to unscramble words starting at the kindergarten level. As players unscramble words, they’ll collect diamonds that can be spent to unlock new word packs, or to receive hints when solving words. The game offers 19 word packs and more than 700 words to unscramble at launch, with more word packs coming in the future.

Pang Adventures ($2.99 on iOS, Android) – From DotEmu, Pang Adventures follows two brothers on a quest to save the planet from an alien invasion. The game includes three modes (Tour Mode, Score Attack and Panic Mode), and challenges players to destroy balls falling from the sky. Pang Adventures features more than 100 levels set in different locations around the world, and it includes boss fights against Alien Commanders.

Exodus (Free on iOS, Android) – This endless survival game from Ketchapp and Tooflya challenges players to tap when a flying rocket is on top of a green dot. The game will end if players tap too early or too late, or if they tap when the rocket is over a red dot. Gamers can also tap when the rocket is on top of a coin to collect it. Coins can be used to unlock new characters. Gamers can also complete missions to earn extra coins, and they can unlock new gameplay environments as they complete missions in bulk. Missions may ask players to earn a specific number of points, play a required number of games, and so on.

Fold+ ($1.99 on iOS, Android) – From BulkyPix and Once A Bird, Fold+ is the sequel to the original Fold from 2013. The puzzle game challenges players to fold, expand and rotate colored blocks until only one block of each color is left. The game reportedly offers twice as many puzzles as the original Fold, as well as “new gameplay mechanics.”

Heavy Rockets ($1.99 on iOS) – This shooter from Majasalmi includes two gameplay modes: race and battle. In the race mode, players are challenged to fly their spaceship around tracks as quickly as they can. Users can race against their own ghost on a track, or a friend’s ghost. Users can also complete quick races, and they will unlock new tracks as they beat specific lap times on previous tracks. Meanwhile, in the battle mode, players fly their spaceship around environments and tap a button to fire their weapon at enemies. Gamers have a limited supply of fuel and ammunition, and they can recharge both by landing on platforms in the environment. Gamers can battle against other players in real-time on the same Wi-Fi network, or battle against computer-controlled enemies in single-player games.

Jumping Kitty

Jumping Kitty (Free on iOS) – From ZPlay, this endless survival game challenges players to tap at the right time to send a cat between platforms at the top and bottom of the screen. The platforms move left and right automatically, so players must tap when the cat is above or below another platform to land safely and not leave the screen. If players wait too long to tap, the cat hits the side of the screen and the game will end. Gamers can collect coins as they play, and spend these on new playable characters. Users will also receive free coins as prizes over time, and they can earn additional coins by watching video ads.

Save Dan (Free on iOS, Android) – This shooter from Novasoft challenges players to protect professional poker player and social media personality Dan Bilzerian from zombies. The game includes 10 regular weapons and six special weapons, which players can upgrade to improve their rate of fire, reload time and more. While playing, gamers can shoot crates to receive bonuses which may heal Dan’s health, slow down time and more.

Soda World (Free on iOS) – From SoulGame Entertainment, Soda World allows players to create their own soda company and earn money by selling soda to customers. Players can fill soda bottles by tapping and holding on a button in the corner of the screen, and these bottles are automatically delivered to soda machines once per in-game day. As players earn coins from selling soda, they can upgrade their business, increasing the number of soda bottles their machines can hold or the number of bottles they produce with each press of the button. Gamers can also fulfill their customers’ wishes by constructing buildings in town or purchasing new soda flavors. Players can unlock additional markets over time, with each market having new buildings to construct and wishes to fulfill.

In addition to these new games, Natsume has released Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories on Android for $9.99. The game was previously released on iOS.

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