Mobile Game Roundup: This War of Mine, Million Arthur and More

We take a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.

Mobile games offer a little something for everyone, with this week’s lineup of new releases being a great example of that variety. First, Tapinator and HyperPower Game Group released Deadliest Catch: Seas of Fury, a reflex-testing game based on the hit Discovery Channel television show, while FreshPlanet released SongPop 2, the sequel to its popular music trivia game.
Elsewhere, Zynga released a new endless climbing game, Mountain Goat Mountain, and Glu Mobile released a shooter based on the upcoming Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation film.
From hidden object to strategy games, here’s a look at some additional titles released this week.

This War of Mine ($9.99 on iPad, Android tablets) – A strategy game about wartime survival from 11 bit studios, This War of Mine lets players experience war as civilians trying to survive in a besieged city. A day and night cycle determines the available gameplay options. During the day, players work to maintain their hideout through crafting, trading and more. At night, players can explore and attempt to secure extra resources. As players try to survive, they’re forced to make life-and-death decisions while following their conscience. That is, do they work to save every member of their surviving group, or do they allow some to perish for a long-term gain? During its launch week, This War of Mine is on sale for $9.99. This price will increase to $14.99 after the sale.
Bow Hunter 2015 (Free on iOS, Android) – From iEntertainment Network, Bow Hunter 2015 offers more than 200 hunting missions across the United States. Players have access to tools like rangefinders, thermal vision and more, and will be able to upgrade their gear as they advance. While playing, arrows are affected by wind speed and will begin to drop after certain distances, so players need to line up their shots carefully to be successful.
Revolution (Free on iOS, Android) – From DeadCoolApps and BulkyPix, Revolution is an endless survival game, challenging players to tap at the right time to send a cube between circles, each surrounded by rotating walls. The setup will be familiar to fans of SMG Studio’s One More Dash. Players must move quickly to avoid the walls closing in around the game board, and can share their high scores with friends.
Hollywood Game Night ($0.99 on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Halfbrick, this party game based on the NBC television show allows up to eight players to compete in various mini-games. A quickplay mode is available for two or more players, while a more competitive team game mode is also available for four to eight players. Mini-games may challenge players to a round of charades, or may ask players to sing songs by only using the word “doo,” as examples. Players can purchase additional content with real money.
Hot Slots: Vegas Dream (Free on Android, Amazon) – Previously released on iOS, G5 Entertainment’s Hot Slots: Vegas Dream has launched on two new platforms, giving players access to multiple slot machines and mini-games. One mini-game, ‘Gamble,’ sees players wagering their winnings on a game of chance, as they predict whether the next drawn card will be red, black or a particular suit. Gamers can cash out at any time.
Tractor Crew: Gold Digger (Free on iOS, Android) – The sequel to Tractor Crew: Operation Cleanup, this title from Kurius Games is a level-based digging game, challenging players to clear a path above and below ground to dig up gold, while leaving themselves a path to the drop off point for delivering the gold. It’s possible to become stuck, if players dig the wrong area of dirt while trying to collect the gold, so players need to strategize their movements before beginning.